Know Your Skin Type

In the war against sunburn, tanning salons are part of the solution! Tropi Tan staff is trained to help you tan moderately and minimize your risk of getting burned.

Before sunbathing OR sun-bedding, it’s vital to determine your skin type. There are six distinct skin types; each reacts differently to sun exposure.

Does your skin burn after playing volleyball for only an hour in the afternoon sun? Or, do your friends consider you lucky because you can lounge on the beach for hours at a time with no fear of getting sunburned?

By knowing your Skin Type*, we can determine the best tanning schedule for you. Be sure to seriously consider your history when indicating your Skin Type on our Client Profile Form.


The Fitzpatrick Scale  is a numerical classification schema for human skin color. It was developed in 1975 by Thomas B. Fitzpatrick, a Harvard dermatologist, as a way to estimate the response of different types of skin to ultraviolet (UV) light.

Skin Type I Skin Type II Skin Type III Skin Type IV Skin Type V Skin Type VI
Always Burns Easily Always Burns Easily Burns Moderately Burns Minimally Rarely Burn Never Burns
Never Tans Tans Minimally Tans Gradually Always Tans Well Tans Profusely Deeply Pigmented
White Fair Skin White Fair Skin White Average Caucasian White or Light Brown Skin Brown Black
Blue Eyes Blue, Hazel, or Brown Eyes Dark Eyes East Indians or Hispanics African & African American
Freckles Red or Blonde Hair Dark Brown Hair Dark  Hair Dark  Hair

Eye color

0. Light colors
1. Blue, gray or green
2. Dark
3. Brown
4. Black

Natural hair color

0. Sandy red
1. Blond
2. Chestnut or dark blond
3. Brown
4. Black

Your skin color (unexposed areas)

0. Reddish
1. Pale
2. Beige or olive
3. Brown
4. Dark brown

Freckles (unexposed areas)

0. Many
1. Several
2. Few
3. Rare
4. None

What happens if you stay in the sun too long?

0. Painful blisters, peeling
1. Mild blisters, peeling
2. Burn, mild peeling
3. Rare
4. No burning

Do you turn brown?

0. Never
1. Seldom
2. Sometimes
3. Often
4. Always

How brown do you get?

0. Never
1. Light tan
2. Medium tan
3. Dark tan
4. Deep dark

Do you turn brown?

0. Never
1. Seldom
2. Sometimes
3. Often
4. Always

How often do you tan?

0. Never
1. Seldom
2. Sometimes
3. Often
4. Always

When was your last tan?

0. +3 months ago
1. 2−3 months ago
2. 1−2 months ago
3. Weeks ago
4. Days



Skin Type I

Always burns, never tans (pale white skin)


Skin Type II

Always burns easily, tans minimally (white skin)


Skin Type III

Burns moderately, tans uniformly (light brown skin)


Skin Type IV

Burns minimally, always tans well (moderate brown skin)


Skin Type V

Rarely burns, tans profusely (dark brown skin)


Skin Type VI

Never burns (deeply pigmented dark brown to black skin)

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