Thank you for your interest in a Tropi Tan franchise! The tanning industry is a fun and exciting field waiting for energetic, enthusiastic and success-driven entrepreneurs. Tropi Tan is poised to help you take the necessary steps toward business success! We’ve been in business since 1979 and we know the tanning industry! The relationships we’ve cultivated with industry leaders and product vendors over the past 36 years will secure you with the most advanced equipment, training and support. As you embark on this new adventure, you’ll have the security of a well-established and proven system that supports you in all facets of your business, before and after opening.

Mission Statement

Our priority is to enable Tropi Tan franchise owners to provide their salon guests with personalized customer service that promotes responsible tanning in a clean, fun and professional environment, as well as promoting responsible and accountable business practices for the benefit of the people they employ, and the communities in which they serve.


Tropi Tan is a founding member of the Indoor Tanning Association. Our involvement with this group of industry leaders keeps us at the forefront of any changes or updates in the industry. This information is distributed to our franchise owners through various channels of communication.
Our commitment to the development of the Tropi Tan franchise system is demonstrated by our involvement with the International Franchise Association (IFA). This association is focused on developing all franchise systems to their highest potential for the benefit of the individual franchise owners.
Tropi Tan is proud of the direct affiliation we have with the leading tanning industry publication, ist Magazine. Vince Lorraine, founder of Tropi Tan, started the magazine in 1997 to provide North American tanning salon professionals with industry news and education to help them successfully grow their business. This communication tool will be a valuable asset in developing ideas and plans for your new Tropi Tan salon. View their website at

Steps to Ownership

Following are the steps to opening a Tropi Tan franchise:

Confidential Application: By requesting more information through this web page or by calling us, we will send you an information packet along with the Confidential Application Form. The information you provide is held in strict confidence and does not obligate you in any way.

Approval Process: Upon receipt of your completed Tropi Tan Confidential Application Form, it will be thoroughly evaluated. Approval of your application will be made as quickly as possible, normally within 48 hours.

UFOC: Upon approval, you will receive a formal letter from us and additional information in the form of a UFOC (Uniform Franchise Offering Circular). This information complies with state and federal requirements, and offers another way to measure the Tropi Tan franchise system. You will be asked to sign an acknowledgement of receipt of the UFOC, which must be returned before we proceed to the next step.

Personal Meeting: We invite you to our headquarters to meet the corporate staff. This face-to-face, one-day meeting will help build a strong foundation of mutual trust and respect, and provide you the opportunity to explore more details about the Tropi Tan system.

Market Analysis: Upon approval and receipt of deposit, we will begin an analysis of the market in which you wish to open a Tropi Tan salon. If the criteria does not fit the first market you have chosen, we’ll work with you to find a more suitable market.

Site Selection: Once all market criteria have been met, we’ll provide you with site search assistance. This will be in the form of a comprehensive manual to use as a guide, as well as personal service, experience and advice to guide you to finding the perfect location for your salon.

Design and Construction: Our experts will construct your salon based on the site and equipment package selected. The salon will be designed using the approved furniture and equipment package approved by the corporate office.

Training: After your site selection is finalized, we will schedule your training at the corporate headquarters. This two-week program will fully prepare you to operate and run your Tropi Tan salon with complete confidence!

Grand Opening: The final step is getting all the equipment and furniture items installed and ready to open. A corporate representative will be with you through the first week to insure everything is ready to go and help get you off to a great start!


Unique Opportunities

Options – In order to help accommodate any special market circumstances, as well as your own financial situation, Tropi Tan offers various salon options. Our goal is to insure that you have the right mix of products and services for the market you will be serving.

Single Franchise – Tropi Tan offers a single franchise agreement that permits an individual or entity to own and operate a single Tropi Tan franchise in an approved location.

Area Development – Tropi Tan is interested in working with area developers. Area development inquiries will be reviewed on a per-case basis to determine if the area development arrangement will serve the best interests of existing franchisees, as well as the future growth and development of the system.

Why would someone choose a franchise versus pursuing a business venture on their own?

Established Concept – The concept and reputation are already established; this gives you a head start against a competing business opened as an independent.

Comparative Assessment – Having the ability to gauge your performance against other similar salons can be very valuable for future decision-making purposes.

Research – Tropi Tan’s tanning industry research is ongoing – we are never idle in our pursuit of a better product or a better way to do business. You’ll receive the direct benefit of our testing of new products and services. Once a new product or method has been fully tested, the information is proactively shared with all franchise owners.

Opportunities – The opportunity to own a business, but not be in business alone, can have great rewards. Franchising can provide personal growth and advancement in business knowledge and skills through learning from the corporate office as well as other franchise owners. The opportunity to network and build a strong alliance with other members is priceless.

Support – Whether the need is for technical, operational or managerial assistance, the franchisor can be counted on to provide it. Plus, it’s always nice to have someone knowledgeable with whom to brainstorm new ideas.

Experience & Knowledge – The experience and knowledge of the franchisor’s management team increases your potential for success. With a franchise, you automatically have an experienced partner to help you.

Standards – Franchisors set standards and guidelines that must be followed. This helps to maintain the quality and integrity of the concept and system.

Planning – Developing a business plan is a critical part of a business’ success; the franchisor can help you develop your plan.

Marketing/Advertising Assistance – The preparation and development of professional advertising campaigns is done by the franchisor. An independent business owner would not usually be able to afford the level of expertise and penetration of marketing and advertising that a franchise can offer.

Start-Up Services – There are so many variables in getting your business up and running that it can be extremely frustrating, time consuming and costly if you haven’t done it before. The franchisor has a great deal of experience that will reduce or eliminate costly mistakes that can delay or prohibit the opening of a new business.

Reduced Risk – With a proven franchise system, there is less risk; financing may be easier to obtain when you open a franchised business.


“In 2000, most analysts estimated that franchising companies and their franchisees accounted for $1 trillion in annual U.S. retail sales from 320,000 franchised small businesses in 75 industries. Moreover, franchising is said to account for more than 40 percent of all U.S. retail sales. Industry analysts estimate that franchising employs more than 8 million people, a new franchise outlet opens somewhere in the U.S. every 8 minutes, and approximately one out of every 12 retail business establishments is a franchised business.”
–International Franchise Association

As a member of Tropi Tan’s franchise system, you will have access to many features and benefits that will help support and grow your business.



Market Analysis – It will be important that you locate your Tropi Tan salon in the right market to put you on the path to success. Our staff will work with you to insure that the market selected will meet specific criteria already established.

Site Search Assistance – Our experienced staff will be able to help guide you on finding the best site for your salon. Along with a comprehensive guide, our personal assistance in lease negotiation will help get you the best site and accommodations for your money.

Salon Design & Construction – Tropi Tan has invested a great deal of time and money in developing a unique and sophisticated design that will enhance the tanning experience for all our salon guests. The design was developed with an ease of installation and set-up in mind. This new construction method helps reduce site build-out time and costs, so you can get your salon up and operational in the shortest possible amount of time.

Training – Your training will include a comprehensive, two-week program at the corporate headquarters in Flint, MI. The first week is dedicated to learning tanning industry business principals, including management, finance and accounting, personnel, marketing, and tanning education and equipment. The second week is dedicated to working in an actual Tropi Tan salon, so that you can see first hand how to apply the business principals you learned during the previous week. This will also provide you with hands-on experience so that you’ll develop a comfort level and high level of confidence before you open your own salon.

Support Services – As a Tropi Tan franchise owner, you have access to a team of personnel with many years of experience to help and guide you. Part of our responsibility and commitment is to work with you to develop your salon into a success. The franchise services toll-free number and email provide you easy access to corporate staff who can answer any questions regarding owning a Tropi Tan salon franchise.

Marketing/Advertising – Being a part of the Tropi Tan franchise system allows you to take advantage of the many marketing/advertising items used by all Tropi Tan stores. The exposure you gain by being a member of our franchise would normally not be affordable if you had to support these efforts by yourself. Along with providing various programs and materials, we encourage our owners to work with us in developing a personalized marketing/advertising strategy that you can implement in your own market. These efforts will compliment and enhance what the corporate office is already providing.

Purchasing Power – The Corporate office has developed relationships with vendors and suppliers of the products and equipment you will need for your salon. These long-term relationships plus the combined purchasing power of the entire Tropi Tan chain means better pricing and support for you. We have worked hard to cultivate industry relationships that will ultimately better serve the needs of our franchise owners.

Continuing Communication – Part of being involved in a franchise is having the opportunity to learn from other industry experts and franchise owners. As a Tropi Tan franchise owner, you have access to a variety of communication programs provided by the corporate office. Our goal is to share as much information with you in order to facilitate best practices and effective marketing and sales tactics, provide new industry news and legal issues, and any issue that makes running your business easier and more profitable. The communication programs will be in the form of email, websites, phone correspondence, newsletters and a monthly magazine.

Technology – Our state-of-the-art point-of-sale software system is designed to promote and enhance the personalized service we offer our salon guests. In addition, you will have the flexibility to remotely monitor your business, if the need arises. This keeps you in constant contact with what is going on in your salon, even if you’re not physically there!


How much will my total initial investment be?

The total investment is between $191,500 to $380,000 (Plus working capital).

What is the royalty fee?

The greater of 5% of total gross sales, or a minimum of $400 per month.

What is the national advertising fund percentage?

3.5% of gross revenue with an eligibility to be refunded up to 1% for gross sales advertising placed in your local market.

How much is the franchise fee?

The fee is $25,000 for one salon. There are discounts on this fee with multiple salons.

How much can I earn as a Tropi Tan franchisee?

We are not able to give you an earnings claim as regulated by Federal Trade Commission. We suggest you contact existing franchisees to gather this information.

Do we have company owned salons?

Yes, this enables us to test and research new products and methods before making any suggestions to our franchise owners.

How do you handle the training?

There is a two-week training period at the corporate office in Flint, MI. The first week is focused on business and industry information. The second week is spent working in a salon in order for you to learn how to correctly apply the material you learned during the previous week.

What is the average size of a Tropi Tan salon?

The size of your salon will vary depending upon your financial situation and the market conditions. The average size is between 2,500–4,400 square feet.

Do I have to contact and work with product vendors to get my salon open?

No. Tropi Tan has the distributorship network in place and will work with the vendors to get your salon ready for business.

Does Tropi Tan Corporate sign the lease on my site?

No. We provide the guidance and help to locate, negotiate and establish your site; however, you are responsible and accountable for the lease.

How long does it take to open a Tropi Tan salon?

After your financing is secured and your lease has been signed, it will take approximately 80 days to open your salon.

Do you provide financing?

No, but we will work with you on developing the plans needed to submit for financing.

How will my staff be trained?

Tropi Tan Corporate will work with you on getting your staff fully trained to serve your salon guests with knowledge and confidence.

For more franchise information, contact Brook Drake at (866) 818-1826, ext 306 or email

The information on this website is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offering. An offering is made by prospectus only and only in states where the Franchisor is registered or otherwise qualified. Please note that the offering may vary from state to state.

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